• Feature-Tec is an internationally recognized provider of filtration & separation technology,encompassing engineering consultation,design,production and other services.Through our commitment in delivering process flow and energy optimization technology,Feature-Tec solved numerous system integration cases for filtration & separation requirements,establishing our reputation and credibility in the industry.

    Since 1999,Feature-Tec has established multiple R&D centers,offices and factories internationally to develop catalyst recovery,flue gas purification and industrial waste water filtration technology.Feature-Tec aims to become the global leader for filtration,separation and industrial cleaning technology,providing safe and efficient systems and services to all clients worldwide.


Leader in Separation


Creating value for clients through innovation and technological research

50,000+ Projects

Strict Quality Control

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We implement the strictest QC to our incoming materials&production processes

Feature-Tec drafted National Standards for liquid filtration

Filtration Applications in Amine Desulfurization

The amine desulfurization Method is widely used in Refinery dry gas and LPG processing

Electrolytic Copper Foil Filtration

Copper is widely used in lithium-ion batteries and printed circuit boards for its conductive properties

Ideal Solution

As production standards improve over the years,filtration processes in various industries such as oil refining and F&B production has become increasingly important.With over a decade of experience in filtration&separation,Feature-Tec is capable of providing the ideal solution for your filtration requirements.

Polysilicon Filtration & Exhaust Treatment

Polycrystalline silicon is the main raw material of fabricating solar cells, and its production processes has developed rapidly in recent years.

Catalyst Regeneration & Filtration

Catalytic process plays an important role in modern chemical industry

Paint Filters

Filtration plays an integral role on the overall appearance of car body

Water Filtration

Water is an essential but expensive commodity.It has many uses within beverage production and the level of treatment required differs according to the source