Rich Experience in Engineering

In various industries such as F&B,oil exploration,automobile manufacturing and pharmaceuticals,Feature-Tec has provided services for over 50,000 projects to renowned clients locally and abroad.We pride ourselves as a one-stop service provider,giving clients a full range of filtration and separation solutions to choose from.

Numerous clients use Speedo® filters for its quick change-out capability

Quick Opening Filter

Phosphate Filtration

Plate-and-Frame filters are particularly effective for high impurity content processes

Magnetic Degreasing

FerroClean I permanent magnetic separators effectively removes iron fillings

Automatic Magnet Filter

Electromagnetic FerroClean II collects Raney Nickel catalysts and other magnetic solids

BDO Catalyst

Filters trap catalysts in BYD production to save energy

Sanitary F&B Filtration

Sanitary food-grade filters is fully washable,capable of CIP usage

Juice Filtration

SAFT automated filters efficiently separates pulp after the squeezing process

Pharmaceutical Scraping Filter

Many pharmaceutical clients installed the SAS self-scraping filters

Demister Mesh Pad

Demister mesh pads effectively removes entrained liquid droplets of 3-4 microns

Gas Coalescing Skid

Fuel gas is filtered to remove droplets before combustion

Circulating Water Filtration

Filtering circulating water reduce costs and saves the environment

Cooling Water

Oil/water separation solution for transmission and machining processes

Lube Oil Filters

High filtration accuracy is required to achieve high NAS grade lube oil

Polysilicon Process

Feature-Tec can support the full Siemens&silane production method

Air Filter

Filter guards protect large air compressors

Offshore Seawater Filter

Self-scraping filters effectively removes coarse impurities

Amine Filtration

Filters before a carbon bed traps particles,preventing bed foaming

Geothermal Water

High efficiency back-wash systems for high contaminant processes

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