Water Filtration

Water is an essential but expensive commodity. It has many uses within beverage production and the level of treatment required differs according to the source and quality of the incoming water, as well as the application that it is to be used for. 


Water for general use will require coarse clarification to remove larger particles. This can be economically achieved using general clarification filters. The other extreme is that water used for bottle washing or for blending should be sterile to ensure that no extraneous microorganisms are introduced.

The PES membrane filters can be used for water sterilisation. For intermediate production stages and make-up of CIP solutions, where the water is used to clean and sanitise pipework, bottling equipment and process filters。

Coarse clarification5-10PP cartridge/Bag filter

Remove Chlorine
Carbon filter
CIP1-5 absolutePP pleated cartridge
Bottle washing/ Blending0.2、0.45 absolutePES pleated cartridge


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