Filtration of water during the preparation of polymers

● polymers such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester and polyvinyl chloride are up initially in
Granules produced.
● A granulator forms the pellets until the resin has polymerized.
● The fire water is used in pellet form and must be filtered to a
To ensure consistent quality.
● Treated fresh water and river water are the main sources for the fire water
be used.
● A good filtration is needed to remove sand, iron, and organic constituents.
This contamination of the water on the pellet surface can be avoided.
● rinse water is used to remove impurities in the air / flue dust, which at the
could be liable pellet surface.
● A lack of filtration can lead to a lower quality of the final product, which
in turn, reduced the sales price.

suitable products




● Any preparation of polymers (for example, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC).


● Reduces gel formation
● minimizes contamination of the catalyst
● Complete polymerization
● Improved conversion efficiency
● Reduces clogging the spinneret
● Protects expensive large polymer filter / less cleaning required
● Extends the life of the filter

Advantages of the final product

● Increases Produkionsausbeute
● Improves Product strength and consistency
● Allows the production of fine denier fibers


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