polycarbonate production


● gels and semi-solid gels in raw materials.
● In tanks and pipes by contact with corrosive CH 2 Cl 2 H.
● During the reaction process, gels made with high molecular weight.

The problem of contamination

● Optical storage media / data carriers are not able to provide information as quickly and
accurately as possible to store and retrieve.
● inaccuracies in the description, or when reading out by a Laserstraahl, the
span CD or DVD surface.
● Cosmetic and strength-technical defects in:
→ window glazing in buildings and vehicles
→ Numerous modeled computer components

Advantages of filtration

● The optical polycarbonate quality specifications of the particles of ≥ 5 microns are consistently
met (Partikelmessunng).
● Higher selling prices possible with optically pure PC; achieved significant revenue.
● Meets industrial quality specifications and the requirements for the appearance at
Products for window glazing and automotive components.

suitable products


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