Polycarbonate Manufacturing


In raw materials (solid and semi-solid gels)

From tanks and piping in contact with CH2Cl2 H which is corrosive

High molecular weight gels formed in the reaction process


Contaminations – The Problems

• Inability of the optical storage media/discs to store and retrieve information as quickly and accurately as possible

• Inaccuracies in writing and reading by a laser beam traversing a CD or DVD surface

• Cosmetic and strength-related defects in

• window glazing for buildings and automobiles

• various molded computer components 


Benefits of Filtration

Consistently meet optical grade polycarbonate specification for particles 0.5 and larger (Particle measurement)

Achieve higher selling price commanded by optical grade PC, add significant revenue

Consistently meet industrial grade specification and appearance requirements for window glazing products and automotive components


Ref to Fig.1.Fluid ProcessedFilter Recommendation for Optical Grade PCFilter Recommendation for General Grade PC
ACH2CL2PTFE Cartridge 10µm absPTFE Bag,10µm
BBPA, Phenol, NaOH, CatalystJAF/ELCPP 2µm absJAF/ELCPP 10µm abs
CPhosgeneCWFG, FCN, 10µm absBeta-Klean Z2200, 20µm abs
DPC-CH2CL2 MixCWFG, FCN, 40µm absSame
EPC-CH2CL2 MixPTFE CartridgeNot used
FPC-CH2CL2 MixPTFE Cartridge, 1µmPTFE cartridge, 10µm abs
GRaw WaterJAF 5µm absSame
HFiltered Raw WaterJAF/ Rocket Bag  2µm absSame
IDI WaterJAF/ Rocket Bag  2µm absSame
JRaw WaterJAF 20µm absSame
KFiltered Raw WaterJAF 25µm absSame


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