Cooling Water Treatment

The process

Cooling water is used to remove heat from components and industrial systems. Cooling water is used basically in all industries such as power plants, refineries, chemical industries and even in commercial buildings. It is inexpensive, non-toxic and can be reused. The heat is removed by means of a cooling tower (open recirculating system). In addition, cooling water may be used in a continuous process in which water is readily available (usually sea water). In addition, closed-loop / loop systems are used for comfort cooling and HVAC applications, etc..

Filtration is essential to protect plants and to ensure a smooth process operation.

The problem

Solid impurities in the cooling water lead to many problems:

● Pollution: Causes low heat exchange efficiency, damage to the
Conditioning equipment, high energy costs and increased maintenance costs.

● Air Independent Corrosion: Damaged pipelines and fixed equipment.

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