Filling resin container: Epoxidharzfiltration; Manufacturer of resins

Synthetic resins (for example, epoxy resins, alkyd resins and phenol resins) are intermediates which are used for a variety of end products, such as in coatings, circuit boards, wire coatings, adhesives and plastics.

The critical nature of the end product determines the required request to the filtration. This may be between 1 micron (absolute) to 70 .mu.m (absolute).

Most resins consist of more or less thick liquid water, which varies from 10 to 10,000 mPa ∙ s and higher. In contrast to hard particulate materials, many of these resins include deformable gelatinous contaminants in order to prevent the penetration of gel. In addition, the differential pressure during filtration must be minimized through the use of pleated filter elements. Since the gel filtration normally occurs during the process, an end-of use (so-called "police filter") in the loading zone of the tank truck to remove remaining impurities.

Before a filter medium can be selected, the solution based on the resin needs to be known, as this normally represents the most aggressive chemical component of the resin.

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● resins: epoxy, alkyd and phenolic resins


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