Fuel Gas & Instrument Gas

The Process


  • • Fuel gas is used throughout the gas processing facility to drive a wide variety of engines, compressors and gas turbines. 

  • • Instrument gas is delivered to regulate the valves, meters and other control and test equipment.


The Problem


Contaminated fuel gas/instrument gas can cause excessive valve wear, burner tip plugging, and other equipment failures. Point-of-use filtration of fuel gas/instrument gas will reduce these problems and improve combustion whilst reducing overall maintenance requirements.


Products Suitable For This Application

Fuel Gas and Instrument Gas Application Guide
Feature-Tec Filter ProductApplied toDescription
Fuel Gas
/Instrument Gas

A coalescer can be installed to remove liquid and solid particles from the gas phase.

 It can quickly remove large amounts of free water from the gas and cut maintenance costs.

Dry Gas Filter
Fuel Gas
/Instrument Gas

Dry gas filters are used to remove dust and solids from the gas phase.

 Dry gas filters consist of multiple filter cartridges and can be installed after the coalescer to remove the finer particles.


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