Filtration of boiler feed water

Boiler feed water is mainly used to compensate for the loss of water vapor in systems. The treatment of the volume flow can be divided into pre-treatment and desalination processes. Most of the water supply comes from natural sources such as rivers, reservoirs, lakes and groundwater. Other turbines use tap water as the water source.

The main reason for the pretreatment is to remove deposits such as clay, humus and colloidal particles from the raw water in order to reduce the haze to 1-5 mg / l. Since the water quality varies due to different local hydrological conditions, various water treatment processes are necessary, such as candle filtration, sedimentation or clarification and adsorption processes. Due to the high salt content of the water electrodialysis or reverse osmosis can be implemented before the desalting process to minimize the loading of the ion exchange resin.

product benefits

Precise filtration - membrane separation technology

● Requires no flocculant; removes a variety of contaminants.

● Numerous membrane materials such as cellulose acetate, polyamide, polysulfone, polypropylene and

● High separation membrane filter materials; listed in finer
retention rates:

- microfiltration
- ultrafiltration
- nanofiltration
- reverse osmosis (RO)

● Feature-Tec offers different membrane materials for a wide variety
Application areas, such as the deposition of ions, molecules, viruses, bacteria,
Clay, sand, etc., in order to meet the required customer specifications.

● Reliable and compact devices for a simple and automatic control and handling.


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