Filtration of basic chemicals

Filtration of basic chemicals: formaldehyde method

In the filtration of chemical products, manufacturers are faced with two major challenges:

● For one must have the costly equipment against dirt, wear and corrosion
to be protected.

● Second, the products must be characterized by a high purity and
meet customer requirements. Cleanliness is a strong selling point for chemical

formaldehyde method

● Protect the oven, the reactor, the absorber and the distillation column.

● The heat exchanger should be protected from entrained catalyst fines.

● The final product is usually tested for purity.

● Contaminated paraformaldehyde in colder weather may fail (at 15.5 ° C / 60 ° F) to give yellow
Haze / fog formed.

suitable products

● FSH 10 microns


Production of basic chemicals such as formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, etc.


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