Ethylene compressor protection

Ethylenkompressions- and molecular sieve systems

● ethylene producers know that the use of the equipment is less than three years,
when separating tank and droplet be used.
● ethylene gas is compressed and discharged from the compressor.
● hydrocarbon condensed and / or rinsed oil from the compressor. This allows the
Performance and the service life of the molecular Absorptionssiebbetts be severely impaired.
● The life of the resin of Molekularsiebshängt largely on the number of
Regeneration cycles from. At each cycle the screen temperature and pressure fluctuations is
exposed. Characterized evaporate all hydrocarbons in the sieve, whereby cracks on the
Surface arise which lead to wear and a costly replacement of the
has molecular sieve material result.

Possible problems

● Frequent regeneration cycles.
● loss of absorption performance.
● Early exchange of the molecular sieve material due to wear and high
Differential pressure in the sieve bed.
● Higher energy costs.

suitable products

A liquid / Gaskoaleszer in ethylene gas lines after the separating vessel has nearly all liquids carried away in the gas (both hydrocarbons, as well as aquatic aerosols, that are not greater than 0.1 microns).


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