ELF-S series: Cartridge Filter Housings

Feature-Tec's einplätzige ELF S-cartridge filter housings are specifically designed for low flow rates. With the Gußoberteil the ELF S-cartridge filter housings can be integrated easily and directly into the pipeline. The filter element may simply be substituted by the lower housing part is withdrawn downwardly only. This is possible with little effort and leaks. A drain connection allows easy discharge of residual liquid.

● operating pressure up to 20 bar.
● "In-line" connectors for easy installation.
● Fast opening of the housing thanks to clamp closure.
● wall mount option.
● vent connection: 1/4 "NPT or 1/4" BSP
● Drain connection: 1/4 "NPT or 1/4" BSP

Ordering Information:
Sample order: ESLC E 20 7 B 20 25 V describes a einplätziges candle filter housing of the ELF-S series with a filter candle of length 20 ", 1.4301 of stainless steel (or equivalent), max maximum allowable working pressure of 20 bar, the input and output BSP. 1" and sealing material in Viton.

Einplätzige ELF-S-cartridge filter housings are inexpensive and can be used for a variety of industrial liquid filtration applications.


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