ELF A-series: Cartridge Filter Housings

Feature-Tec's einplätzige ELF A cartridge filter housings can be easily integrated directly into the pipeline. A drain connection allows easy discharge of residual liquid.

● operating pressure up to 8 bar.
● "In-line" connectors for easy installation.
Lightweight die cast aluminum for corrosion resistance.
● wall mount option.
● Drain connection: 1/4 "NPT or 1/4" BSP.
Ordering Information:
Sample order: EALC L 4 7 B 8 9 B describes a einplätziges candle filter housing series ELF-A with a filter candle of length 4 ", aluminum ZL 102, max maximum allowable working pressure of 8 bar, input and output BSP 3/8." And sealing material in Buna N.

Einplätzige ELF-A candle filter housing can be used for a variety of industrial liquid filtration applications, such as lubricating oil filtration.


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