C1.5 series: separator filter cartridges

feature - c1.5 series elements


the feature - c1.5 row elements are efficient filter separator elements consisting of fiberglass - designed binned glass fibers compressed to the proper density and associated with inert phenolic binder.
the fiberglass - supported by a heavy, spiral closed center core for superior resistance to collapse, which can withstand pressure due to high pressure, the center core 75 psi.
the metal - are end caps mechanical strength with the center core of, manufacturing of media at the end caps with a highly resistant adhesive to prevent bypass.
buna n seals at the end caps with polyurethane - adhesive and go with a special heat treatment, with an adhesive is resistant to all hydrocarbons.

the standard - c1.5 series air filter removes particles to a micron without excessive pressure entstehen.die cotton outer sheath protects the glass fiber from dirt and damage during shipment and protects change the user-in element.

technical parameter

filtration accuracy: 10, 5, 1, 0.5 0.3 ...
recommended maximum operating temperature: 275 ° f
recommended maximum pressure difference for changes: 15 -
seal ring material: nbr
* For other materials, they contact feature egv

feature - c1.5 separator cartridge apply for a variety of applications for different branches of industry
feature - tec, worse, king of the tool - and pall separator cartridges are compatible with an external flow in the direction in lengths of 18 & quot ;, 36 & quot; and 72 & quot ;.


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