C1.0-Reihe: Koaleszer-Filterkerzen

feature - C1.0 series coalescer elements have the following features

- bull, beta - ratio of more than 99.9%, high filtration accuracy

- bull, large dirt holding capacity

- bull, robust construction of more than 15 - pressure

- bull, high-quality components


oil, water and other fluids are particles back into itself extremely fine machine fasern.diese microfiber - guide the airflow sinusodially moving force, solid and fog particles collide with each other by the surface tension prozess.die they can smaller particles together in larger and fall in the collection reservoir under due gravatational ziehen.das feature - C1.0 series element extremely well liquid particles from natural gas to (the main components of regional planning are water -, oil - and hydrocarbon - connections) .the flow behavior through the element is inside außen.die C1.0 series should point to the c1.5 of the series, so it is more efficient filtering of the particles and liquid nebel.die additional surfactants can also be printed to high flow rates.


& Bull; length 18/36/72 cm

- bull, disposal rating: 0.3 micron absolute

& Bull; outer diameter: 4.5 inches

- bull, inner diameter: 3.13 cm

and bull. center core: carbon steel (stand) / stainless (available)

- bull, outer core: carbon steel (stand) / stainless (present)

and bull. end caps: carbon steel (stand) / stainless (available) seals: buna-n

and bull. seal: polyurethane - adhesive

and bull. prefilter media: folded newspaper

and bull. last high efficiency media: pleated micro - glass fiber

- bull outer sock: pierced polyester

the limits recommended

& Bull; the first pressure: & lt; 0.5 bar

and bull. recommended that other pressure: 15 psi (max)

and bull. maximum element term: 1 year

and bull. maximum operating temperature: 300 ℉

and bull. the operating temperature: - 60 ℉
Note: special metallic materials are according to customer - they do not anfragen.zögern and contact us for the future details

selection - guide
Example: Product - code ft-c1.0-0.3-18 is gas coalescer cartridge, to 0.3 micron - classification, quot 18 &; length
Flow Rate (MMSCFD) Dimensions (inches)
cartridge code 100 PSI 400 PSI 2000 PSI Length inner Diameter Outer Diameter
FT-C1.0-0.3-18 1.7 3.3 8th 18 3.13 4.5
FT-C1.0-0.3-36 2.1 4.1 10 36 3.13 4.5
FT-C1.0-0.3-36-2 2.5 4.8 11.7 36 4.25 5.5
be measured in the following listed data to 0.60sg with natural gas, 60 ° f

technical parameter
Clean pressure drop: & lt; 0.5 bar
Recommended replacement pressure drop: 15 -
max element lifetime (without loss of pressure): 1 year
max operating temperature: 300 ° f
minute the temperature: - 60 ° f
Note: special materials according to customer and # 39; conditions.

Feature-Tec C1.0 series coalescer cartridge is designed to remove minute droplets from natural gas streams (color: such as water, oil, hydrocarbon compounds)


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