Ammonia & oil separation

ammonia process

● Controls the oil content in the stream of ammonia. The source of ammonia pollution is mainly
Compressor lubricating oil. Compressors often give small amount of lubricating oil into the synthesis and
Recirculated unless this oil is not removed from. This results in a not meet the specifications
corresponding ammonia.
● A further problem may arise during the removal of CO 2 in an ammonia plant. A
Circulating liquid (amines or hot carbonates) is used to remove CO 2. The
Liquid absorbs an acid, whereby the environment in the circulation system is highly corrosive. The
Corrosion material leads to clogged pathways within the CO 2 -Entnahmesystems. This is the
CO 2 reduced -Entfernungseffizienz and there are high losses of amines and sodium
carbonate solutions.

suitable products

● coalescer

● Self Clear


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