Production & Testing Equipment

Manufacturing Bases

Quality Control

Feature-Tec's manufacturing bases are equipped with advanced testing and design tools for filtration media and vessels to produce customized equipment based on clients' requirements.

The Feature-Tec Wuxi and Shanghai production base can produce large-scale separation equipment,pressure vessels and filter elements with ISO9001,IS014001,OHSAS18001 certifications,and has passed ASME,NBBI,CE,GB-150,CU-TR,DOSH and China Pressure Vessel Manufacturing/Design Permit.

In accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System,Feature-Tec maintains the highest standards for all aspects including product design,procurement and construction.With a strict code tracking system set in place,we assure the highest product quality to meet any industrial standards.

Feature-Tec Story

Continual Pursuit for Higher Standards

20 years ago,Mr Simon and Mr Sam established Feature-Tec as a filtration solution company to assist clients in solving their problems.

By upholding this motto,Feature-Tec has grown into an international filtration enterprise,producing high quality products for major clients worldwide.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Journey to Zero Industrial Emissions

As pollution from the production processes is an inevitable problem affecting our environment and health,Feature-Tec aims to reduce emissions and waste created from processes by optimizing our clients' production process to filter,purify and recycle materials before emission.We understand the importance of being responsible for our shared environment,and have been researching methods to achieve a greener world for everyone.

Leader in Filtration & Separation Technology

Through our dedication in delivering process flow optimization technology to our clients,Feature-Tec solved numerous filtration cases for our clients worldwide.

Feature-Tec aims to become the global leader for filtration,separation and industrial cleaning technology,and has always placed emphasis on developing new catalyst recovery,flue gas purification and industrial waste water filtration technology.

We are committed to providing clients worldwide with the ideal safe&efficient products and services.