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Electrolytic Copper Foil Filtration

  Copper is widely used in lithium-ion batteries and printed circuit boards for its conductive properties. As copper is developing into thinner, high ductility foils for use in the electronics industry today, electrolyte purification is increasingly important to improve the quality of copper foil. Feature-Tec has various solutions to reduce operational complexity, element change-out frequency and air pollution reduction.


Copper Contaminants 

Contaminants Sources Impact
 Particulates Oil,
 hydrocarbons, etc
 Feed & pipeline
 Corrosion contamination
 Pitting, holes in copper foil


Time Consuming & Complex Maintenance

Strainers, cartridge & bag filters are commonly used today for electrolyte filtration processes. As manual washing and change-out is required for these filters, the complicated process exposes personnel to harmful particles. This issue can be negated by using larger housings with more elements, increasing the process working time to reduce the frequency of personnel contacting harmful materials.


Feature-Tec Filtration System

Fully Automatic, Simple Maintenance, High Precision

Feature-Tec multi-stage filtration systems purify electrolytes by installing filters before and after the heat exchanger. The SelfClear automatic filtration system feature efficient, fully sealed performance as compared to regular manual change-out filter housings, effectively controlling the purity of the electrolyte..


Filter Applications

Different filters are used at each stage to remove contaminants, ensuring purity of the end product.


Filter  Micron Rating  Features Applications
 SelfClear  1um
 Fully automatic
 Minimal manual operation 
 High Efficiency
 Fully automatic
 Minimal manual operation
 High Efficiency
 Oil Absorption
 Filter Bag
 Absorbs oil
 High precision
 Effectively filters electrolytes
 Prevents heat exchanger fouling 
 Removes particles & pump oil
 Jumbo Filter
 0.5 - 1um
 Large filtration area
 Long service life
 High precision
 Improves electrolyte purity
 Removes pipeline particles
 Assures copper quality


Feature-Tec provides filtration solutions according to our clients’ work process and required filtration precision. The micron rating of filters can be adjusted, while oil absorption pillows can be added for increased oil absorption from the process.


Surface Treatment


Bath liquids used for treating copper foils should be filtered to remove contaminants, ensuring high product quality.

As treatment of copper foils requires many complex steps involving circulating washing liquids, the Jumbo filter system extends the service life of the fluids by filtering the fluids before reuse

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