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PTFE Pleated Cartridge

PTFE Pleated Cartridge uses advanced technology of Di-axis to manufacture and features a high filtration porosity of 85% - 95% and evenly-spread pores to offer the benefits of a high flow rate, low pressure differential and a long service lifespan.

PTFE has a unique quad-fluorine structure that endows it with excellent chemical resistance capability, specially suited for electronics industry to filter extremely acidic solvents.

PTFE Membrane Element uses high filtration efficiency membrane PES in its production, with alternating layers of tightness and slackness in 3 different layers to effectively lower pressure resistance and increase holding capacity, filtration area and flow rate.

Product Features:

• PTFE membrane has an excellent strong acid/alkali and solvents resistance
• Filtering area of 0.9m2, 15-50% bigger than that of same grade normal cartridge, with big pollutants holding capacity and high filtering flow rate
• The porosity factor of membrane itself is 85-95% and pore diameter is evenly distributed
• Low pressure difference and long service life
• Absolute filtering accuracy of 0.01μ for air filtration to thoroughly clean away bacterium, virus and microbe in air
• Produced in dustfree environment to ensure high cartridge cleanliness
• Integrity test can be performed on cartridge
• Connection dimensions and collar ring material fully meet national standards.

Selection Code
Example: Product code ELCPT107B1 represents PTFE pleated membrane cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, BUNA-N seal ring, 1um micron rating.

Code Cartridge Length Connection Type Seal Material Micron Rating
ELCPT 10" / 20" /
30" / 40"
V - Viton
S - Si. Rubber
0.05/0.1/0.2/ 0.45/ 1um

Technical Parameters
Max. Operating Pressure Difference:
                       95℃: 1.4kg/cm2
                       20℃: 5.6kg/cm2
Max. Operating Temperature: 90℃
Max. Operating Pressure: 7kg/cm2
Outer Diameter: 63mm         Inner Diameter: 28mm

With its excellent resistance to acids and alkali, it is suitable for filtering strong acid solutions in the electronics industry.
Water Final Filtration
Solvent Absolute Filtration
Photophillic Filtration
Strong Acids/Alkali below 80℃
Bacterium Filtration
Solvent Separation
Sterilization Filtration

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