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Polypropylene Pleated Cartridge

Polypropylene Pleated Element uses polypropylene in two different layers of fiber fineness fuse welded together in a multi-pleated fashion. Its filtration area exceeds a typical deep filtration cartridge and it has a higher filtration rate and holding capacity, with a low pressure differential and a long service lifespan.

Polypropylene Multiple-fold Element passes the PDA CFR Title 21 and USP XXIII safety test as 100% Polypropylene with a superfine filtration accuracy of 99.9%. It can be used in pre-filtration in water treatment or membrane filtration.

Product Features:

• Double-layer structure formed by folding melt-blown superfine polypropylene membrane, with absolute filtering accuracy reaching 99.9%
• Filtering area bigger than 0.5m2, big pollutants holding capacity and high filtering flow rate
• Low pressure difference, high flow rate, long service life and reduced downtime for replacement
• Made of 100% pure polypropylene, good chemical compatibility and wide application range
• Melt spinning method adopted for sealing end cover and connector, with no adhesive agent added
• Material is validated by FDA CFR Title 21 and USP XXIII safety test.

Selection Code

Example: Product code ELCPP107B1 represents polypropylene filter cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, BUNA-N seal ring, 1um micron rating.

Code Cartridge Length Cartridge Connection Type Seal Ring Material MIcron Rating
2, 3
4, 5
6, 7
S - Silicon
V - Viton
eg: 5 - 50um

Technical Details

Max. Operating Pressure Difference:
                       95℃: 1.4kg/cm2
                       60℃: 2.8kg/cm2
                       20℃: 4.9kg/cm2
Recommended Changeout Pressure Difference: 2.5kg/cm2
Max. Working Temperature: 95℃
Outer Diameter: 63 mm
Inner Diameter: 28 mm

Pleated polypropylene membrane cartridges are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries such as:
Water Pre-filtration
Beverage Clarification
Rising Bath Fluid
Coolant Filtration
Photo Development Fluid
Industrial Circulating Water
Low/Medium Viscosity Fluids

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