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T-Handle Bag Filter Housing

 The T-Handle filter housing is a small single bag filter, featuring a unique cover and side inlet/bottom outlet design. This housing is capable of handling higher operating pressures and a wider range of piping connections. Its simple structure allows for easy cleaning, making it suitable for various industrial fluid filtration applications.


Food and Beverage
Paints, Graphite, Resins

Features and Benefits

Design pressure up to 21 bar.
T-Handle filter’ s connection type allows for easy installation.
Small housing reduces fluid loss during changeout.  
An integrated bag seat provides ease of cleaning of inner walls.
Lateral flow design prevents fluid splashing.
High quality electrolytic polished basket to support filter bag.

Order Information

Number of Bags:1
Filter Bag Size: 03: Size 03/04: Size 04
Inlet/Outlet : DIN/ANSI/BSP/NPT

Technical Data
Max. Flow Rate:20 m3/h
Max. Operating Temperature:150℃
Max. Operating Pressure:21 bar (304 psi)

T-Handle Filter Housing is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
Food & Beverages / Metalworking Fluids / Chemical Processing / Paints, Graphite, Resins, Coatings / Automotive / Electronics / Petrochemicals   

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