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SpeeDo® Filter Housing

Speedo series of multi-bag filter housings features a self-balancing V-clamp locking mechanism, a break-through from conventional designs. Its single-handed, user-friendly operation makes Speedo your ideal choice for applications with high flow rates requiring frequent bag change-outs.Cost-effective bag filtration ensured by a rugged, corrosion-free V-clamp and exclusive proprietary screw-drive for years of smooth service.


Automotive Coatings
Copper Foil
Food and Beverage
Pulp and Paper
Paints, Inks, Resins and
Silicone Industry

Features and benefits

Sef-balancing V-clamp locking mechanism for fast and easy operation.
Single-handed, user-friendly operation, ideal for applications with high flow rates requiring frequent bag change-outs
Minimal downtime reduces operating costs.
Fully interlocked design for safety under any conditions.
Proprietary screw-drive for years of smooth service.
Rugged, corrosion-free V-clamp ensure cost-effective bag filtration.

Filter specifications

No. of Filter Bags

3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 17 / 23

Filter Bag Sizes1

01: Size 01
02: Size 02

Inlet & Outlet

Max. Flow Rates2*
920 m3 / h

Maximum operating
150 °C

Max. Operating Pressure
10 bar (145 psi)

Retention ratings

Ethylene Oxide Production Ethylene Compressor Protection

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