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Electromagnetic Filter - FerroClean II

In contrast with FerroClean?I, FerroClean?II employs a fully-automatic electromagnetic separation system capitalising on the synergy of electricity and magnetism to drive the separation with an even higher efficiency. This allows the FerroClean?II to remove ferromagnetic impurities, including ferric oxide, inherent in various fluids and can be deployed even in harsh environments. It works well with our in-house auxiliary filtration equipment and is highly suited for high-precision tasks like removing precious metals from catalysts as well as cleaning magnetic media.

Product Features:

High flow processing capacity suitable for filtering impurities with high percentage of impurities
Automatically filters and separates magnetic particles
Automatically flushes off to ensure removal of all impurities
Automatic exhausting and liquid level control system
Supporting on-line continuous work
Touch control screen for a friendly human-machine interface
Smooth operation by an accurate hydraulic system control
Supporting on-site adjustment of control parameters
Audible and visual alarm system preventing accident risk caused by misoperation

Technical Data

Rated Filter Flow:10~100 m3/h
(The parameter for single filter, multiple parallel filter is available)
Magnetic Density:0.3T~2T
Filtration Accuracy:>1μm

Typical Application

FerroClean series magnetic filter can be widely used in various industries
Electromagnetic filter can be used in the recovery of precious metal catalyst and the high precision of magnetic particulate to clarify.

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