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SAS Automatic Filter

The SAS automatic filter is an automatic motorized filter with self-cleaning strainers that provides continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems that require continuous, uninterrupted flow. The filter has a rotating blade designed to scrape debris from the wedge. The SAS automatic filter is suitable for large flow applications.


Compact structure and small space requirements
Minimal maintenance-free and small fluid loss
Filtration accuracy: 25μm - 5mm


Cooling spray water and circulating water in paper mill and also used for production of paint and resin
Applications with high content of impurities
Filtration for circulation of metallurgical fluid and cooling liquid
Circulating agricultural irrigation water
Municipal wastewater
Circulating cooling water and power plant water systems


SAS automatic filters are custom-made according to clients' process requirements.
The SAS automatic filter is suitable for high flow rate coarse filtration.


Metallurgy Cutting Fluids & Coolants
Recycling Agricultural Irrigation Water
Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Circulating Cooling Water in Power Generation
Paper Mill Water System
Circulating Water
Resin Production

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